Testimonials / Case Studies
Testimonials from patients treated by Dr.P.S.Lalitha

Name : Sandhya Sankar

Reiki Class
I have had the opportunity to attend Reiki level 1 and 2 and Sujok acupressure level 1 classes offered by Dr Lalitha. Both classes have been very insightful. Dr Lalitha's knowledge, understanding and expertise in Reiki and acupressure is obvious as she explains in detail the relation between anatomy and physiology of the human body and, the chakras and pressure points. She always encourages her students by saying that, we all have the power in us to be good healers and that we should always try to find the root cause and treat it along with the symptoms, if we want to truly heal a person. I would highly recommend learning Reiki and acupressure from Dr. Lalitha
Female : 28 years
Complaint : Chocolate Cyst
Treatment done before meeting Dr P S Lalitha : Operated for chocolate cyst. Left ovary 9cm
Medication before meeting Dr P S Lalitha : CONTRACEPTION PILLS TO STOP PERIODS . continuous 6 months since operation till meeting Dr Lalitha

I  am 28 year old female who was diagnosed with chocolate cyst in the 2016 sept 5.5*3.7*4.2 on the left ovary . Heavy pain during periods which resulted in affecting normal life .  Consulted a couple for gyno doctors who suggested to take contraception pills and stop period to not allow the cyst grow more. not knowing the seriousness , I did not take any medication but continued to bear pain every period , after a couple of months , pain was throughout the month with bleeding during urination . I was suggested to take a scan again . 2017/4 the cyst size was 8.4*4.9 cms which was quite big . The doctors asked me to get it operated immediately . I had a operation on 2017 may . and also was given a strong estrogen suppressant injection which affected my normal hormones.

After the operation I was asked to take krimson -35 contraception pills continuously to stop period and asked me to continue until getting married .I got worried and was looking out for an alternative.

I saw a video of doctor PS LALITHA and mailed her asking for a appointment. I met doctor in December 2017 and explained her my problem, the first thing she asked me to do is to stop the pills cause of its side effects . I had my first rekhi session along with sujok and magneto therapy . I got emotional and cried that day . Immediately after I stopped the tablets again my periods was painfull and had taken a scan again to check . I have again developed a chocolate cyst . so the contraception pills just don’t help , if I stop it again comes . I got so frustrated , I informed doctor lalitha , she asked me not to worry and asked me to continue the rekhi with her . I continue to come for sessions with doctor and I got better with the pain .

I have recently taken a scan 2018 august , which shows I don’t have a chocolate cyst but have only polycyst ovaries  , I am very happy and very shocked to see the result as , chocolate cyst has no cure and cant be stopped . but it’s a  miracle now that it is not visible in the scan .

I thank DOC PS LALITHA  for helping me over come this pain in my life . it had mentally affected my life as well as it can lead to infertility as I am unmarried too. I see god in doctors healing hands , thanks to everyone who has helped me with this journey.

Special mention to SUBHASHINI MAM who has given me so much love and healing every time I went . taken care  of me like her daughter .

I will never forget DOC PS LAITHA in my life . she is my god .



One 46 years old lady approached me with severe heel pain she was having this persisting pain for the past two months. She had undergone allopathy  andayurvedic treatment also  without any relief.

Diagnosis -- heel pain may be involving only heel and back or the correspondence points of stomach, spleen and liver. Apparently she does not know she has problem related to stomach or liver. Application of probe on stomach, spleen and liver points revealed painful areas.

Sedation of spleen coldness point, liver coldness point & stomach heat point and correspondence point for heel of both feet gave relief.

Since the abdominal organs i.e. Stomach spleen and liver are controlled by Manipura Chakra, healing was done through Reiki. Reiki was performed with the object of bringing harmony among the seven major Chakras.
In three sessions, patient felt the recovery,
Combination of Reiki and Sujok acupuncture results in fast recovery; since both work at energy level.


A middle aged lady, who had been taking treatment suddenly, developed excruciating calf muscle pain in the left leg alone. On enquiry, she revealed that the pain started when her husband developed symptom of food poisoning and got admitted in the hospital. The fear about her husband's health had triggered the pain.

 Ìnsujok acupuncture, treatment is aimed at physical and emotional levels.

Another factor taken into account for diagnosis is that in females' energy travels in clockwise direction from right to left. The flow of energy commences from right leg i.e. Wind and moves up and end sat left leg-coldness energy. Since the pain was restricted to left leg below the knee, it was obvious that the fear of husband admitted in the hospital had triggers her fear resulting in interfering in the flow of energy(ki) i.e. coldness meridian. Extreme fear is related to coldness (water element). Based on these principles, for testing, probe was applied on kidney meridian -on coldness point. The probe was directed against the flow of kito find out sedation is required. Immediately the patient not only felt relief from pain but also felt the head becoming lighter. 

Only one needle was applied in kidney meridian with the object of sedating coldness point which eliminated the pain in the leg and also relieved her of stress.

For total relief and to prevent recurrence reiki (healing with cosmic energy) was done.
 "A single session. Resulted in complete miraculous recovery".

One 80 year old man approached me on 18/1/14, with the following complaint. Five years back under went right knee replacement surgery. After two years, he started feeling tightness of thigh muscles and calf muscles only during nights. Excruciating pain usually started around 11 p.m. and extended throughout night. During day time he did not have any pain. So for nearly two years, despite treatment, he did not have any relief. Finally, as a last resort he opted for Reiki and Acupuncture. Diagnosis-Reiki scanning Moladhara chakra, back Swadhishtana Chakra & back Manipura Chakra were congested. Sujok acupuncture-bio rhythm pain started around 11 p.m. GB meridian; but since it has become a chronic case liver meridian (yin meridian) was tested. Coldness in liv meridian was found to be excessive.

Treatment - A combination of Reiki and Sujok acupuncture was adopted.  Day 1 all chakras were cleansed and bach Chakras were energised for harmonising all Chakras. Acupuncture primary correspondence points - thigh, knee and calf muscles of right leg. Needles were also applied sedating liver coldness, Repeated the same next two days. Patient started responding from day one - he could sleep without much pain, Patient was given acupressure points in the palm for self treatment to save time and make the treatment cost effective. Advised to come once a week.  Right leg pain is now confined to the first toe, the elimination point. Combination Art of healing when adopted, recovery is fast.

Acute Rhinitis

Had acute rhinitis yesterday.
Sedated fire element in large intestine meridian.
Within an hour I felt total relief.

The reason for selecting the point
Inflammation-burning sensation- fire element
Acute ---yang meridian

Large intestine meridian - counter part of lung meridian (respiratory system)


Case study

A chronic case of polio with paralytic attack involving the left leg has been successfully healed by a combination of Sujok Acupuncture and Reiki. It was case of polio after vaccination.

Dr.P.S.Lalitha, M.V.Sc, Ph.D
Reiki Grandmaster & Acupuncturist
Bharathi Rajaa Speciality Hospital, Chennai, India

Poliomyelitis (Polio) is a highlycontagious viral infection that can lead to paralysis and can also lead to breathing problems.
Polio can be either symptomatic or asymptomatic. Symptomatic polio can be mild form, non paralytic and a severe form called paralytic polio. Paralytic polio, spinal polio virus attacks motor neurons of the spinal cord and causes paralysis in arms and legs and also causes breathing problems. Paralytic polio ends up with permanent paralysis.
There is no cure for polio. Treatment is focussed on increasing comfort, managing symptoms and preventing further complications.

Case history

A 25 year old girl who was affected with polio after her childhood vaccination came to me for treatment. Her left leg was totally paralysed. She could only walk with a limp. The patient could not feel any sense in her left leg (numbness). It was a typical case of motor neuron involvement of the spinal cord resulting in paralysis of the left leg. She found it difficult to climb stairs.

Diagnosis – Sujok Acupuncture

Since it was a chronic case with loss of sense in the left leg, I examined the spinal cord meridian. While testing the coldness point of spinal cord meridian, patient felt mild response in the back. She felt pain in the primary correspondence point representing lumbar region (Spinal cord). The painful point was located on the yang side of the palm, between 3rd and 4th Metacarpals. I tested the correspondence point of brain in the thumb. She felt pain in one point corresponding to the right half of the brain (probably Motor area of the brain).


Based on the diagnostic tests done, I applied needles in the following points.

  1. Primary correspondence points for lumbar region. To revive and restore nerve supply to the left leg
  2. To revive the dead cells (motor neurons) in the spinal cord, I applied one needle to sedate the coldness point of spinal cord meridian
  3. A needle on sciatica point to stimulate sciatic nerve at the root of the left middle finger.
  4. One needle in the painful point in the thumb, representing motor areaof the brain. The purpose of this was to revive the neurons in the brain to revive nerve supply to the leg.
  5. I sedated the brain coldness point
  6. For muscular development, I applied a needle in the wind point of liver meridian (to augment stem cells for muscular development).


The basic principle of Reiki

Body is constituted of a physical body and an invisible aura, which has seven major chakras. Channelising cosmic energy through the chakras and maintaining balance between the external cosmic energy and the life energy in the body keeps the body healthy.


Several factors were taken in to consideration

Diagnosis was done based on the chronicity of the case, parts involved , nature of symptoms, how & when the patient was experiencing this symptom, time of aggravation of symptoms.

In this particular case, the patient was suffering from the age of three. Her left leg had lost sense, she was limping; left leg muscles were not fully developed, the entire body weight was borne by her right leg.

Based on these symptoms, diagnosis was done using the probe on the primary correspondence points and meridians. To diagnose spinal cord damage and the region involved, probe was applied in the lumbar region and also spinal cord meridian. One painful point in the lumbar region between the 3rd& 4th metacarpal of palm was identified, representing pathological area of spinal cord.

Loss of senses related to cessation of motor nerve supply.  Motor supply is related to both motor  neurons in spinal cord and  neurons inmotor area of brain. In Sujok acupuncture Coldness energy is related to death or near deathHence, coldness energy was tested.

In this particular case, all seven major BACK chakras were healed and energised. The healing energy was sent in the following sequence – Commencing from Mooladhara chakra, through the back chakras to Sahasrara chakras. The energy was stabilised at the front Ajna chakra.

The principle is that the healing energy has to ascend up to the level of brain to remove the dead neurons in the motor area of the brain and dead neurons in the spinal cord. Another reason is that spinal cord is the pathway for Kundalini Shakthi, lying dormant at the tip of the backbone.For removing the block for the flow of healing energy, cosmic energy is channelised through Mooladhara chakra. By healing all seven major chakras, not only the block for the energy flow is removed but also the coordination between spinal cord and brain is re-established. When coldness point in the spinal cord meridian was tested, the patient felt mild response. One point on the right side of the tip of the thumb was painful. Since polio virus specifically damages the motor neurons in the spinal cord, the painful point probably represent the motor area of the brain.

Loss of nerve supply had arrested the muscular development in the left leg. So the probe was applied on the liver meridian on the coldness point

Treatment – Based on the testing with probe, Sujok needle was applied on the following points

Treatment Schedule
Initially, I gave treatment by combining Sujok and Reiki continuously for three days. Subsequently the patient was advised to come once a week. The same treatment was continued for eight months.

Initial response was slow but later, the muscles started developing. Gradually the numbness in the leg started receding. The patient felt the flow of energy (??) in her brain (??) and the whole body as a vibration. Now after 8 months, the results are very dramatic. She is able to walk freely and her left leg has become almost normal. She is no longer limping. Her gait is almost normal.

It is generally believed that once the leg is paralysed due to polio attack, total recovery is not possible.  In this particular chronic case, a combination of Reiki and Sujok acupuncture has revealed the root cause reviving the motor neurons in spinal cord. So, the healing energycan revive the diseased dead cells and in this case, it has almost activated stem cells lying dormant.

In summary, I believe all the organs in the body have their own healing power. Each organ has primordial cells, which we may call as inherent stem cells. So, by directing cosmic energy, we can tap the dormant stem cells to revive the diseased cells. So nothing is incurable if we learn how to tap the stem cells.



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